Sunday, October 31, 2010

A 'Nutty' Kind of Day...

After a day of chores at the BirdMobile, removing and cleaning window screens and installing the storm window to prepare for (ick)winter, we took time for the birds. We've always had good luck at Northwood Nature Trails Park, in Northwood, Ohio. It's not far from Magee Marsh, aka "Heaven on Earth" and we needed a little change.

It started off a bit on the slow White-breasted Nuthatch at the top of a tall oak. Then we spotted a Red-bellied the top of a tall oak. Then there was a Blue Jay, you guessed the top of a tall oak. At last we came out into the pine area...and we heard these strange little beeping sounds...Red-breasted Nuthatches! Dozens of them! They were zooming in and out all around us. Doodles was pointing at one, "It's right there in front of me!" Meanwhile I was aimed in the opposite direction... I managed to get a few before they zoomed off to another more delicious looking pine cone, beeping all the way...

This is what the majority of my pics look like...

This little bundle of buzz was busy trying to extricate lunch and ignored me.

He was so proud of himself!
"Hey Mister! Look what I got!"

I don't know what they are, but they looked good!
I asked the Doodles to try one...she politely declined...

There's still a few autumn leaves on the trees.

Dark-eyed Juncos remind me of snowy winters here.
The temps have gone done to the thirties a few times, but no snow...yet...

The pines were full of activity today, from the Nuthatches to many of these Downy Woodpeckers.
There's plenty to eat for everyone!

The Doodles even got a photo of this Deere running through the farm field next to the park!

The only thing faster than the Nuthatch was this Golden-crowned Kinglet!

I caught him before he dived back in to the "lunch tree."

Here's a group of Mallards holding a secret meeting in the "Pond of Silence."

The Milkweed pods have popped and the seeds are spreading.

A little, tiny Ruby-crowned Kinglet playing peek-a-boo!

You can always count on a White-throated Sparrow to pop out when you pish in the shrubs...

The wrong end of a Red-breasted Nuthatch!

*Editorial Comment:
Three Billion Dollars. That's how much money has been wasted on political ads so far this year. Most of it came from big, 'un-named' corporations. Funny how they can't afford to hire anyone because business is bad, but they have the cash to insure their buddies get into office and help to remove regulations designed to protect our citizens. I just don't understand the logic.

The Conservatives are blaming our current situation on the Liberals and vowing to block any bills they bring up. I would like the Conservative politicians to explain how that logic is going to help America rebuild.

I'm going back into the woods to be with the birds...they don't have TV ads...