Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A long walk, and a few good birds...

"You never seen a Northern Cardinal eat before? Sheesh take a picture, it'll last longer..."
So I did.

Me and the Doodles decided to go to Pearson Metropark in nearby Oregon, Ohio. We've only been there a few times, and since there was duck hunting at Magee, what the heck...

They have a great "Window on Wildlife" to watch the local birds fill up on free seed...and the squirrels cleaning up after the piggy birds. But we really needed a walk..and a few good birds!

The Doodles looked at the trail map and picked a short one. She broke her little toe a while ago and it's still a problem on long hikes. We started out on our short sojourn on the one mile path. Things were a bit quiet...then we spotted the first of THREE Sharp-shined Hawks! That might have something to do with it! "Hmmm, this path seems a little longer than a mile" Than Doodles noticed a two mile marker...with one more mile to get back to the car. Oops. Swollen toe. Oh well...

It's always good to see a Bald Eagle. We ended the day with six!

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. A good name for most politicians...

So, I see this little Black-capped Chickadee posing for a photo.
I aim my camera, click goes the shutter...where'd he go?!

Okay, I'll try again. He's posing nicely on this branch...SONOFABIRCH!

ARGH! I give up...

I hate to say it, but I hope this Sharp-shinned Hawk gets that Chickadee.
(It's a joke, no letters please!)

Speaking of not sitting still...this White-breasted Nuthatch
was hopping all over this tree trying to find the best hiding place for his seed.

The nice thing about this time of Hornets to come buzzing out after you!

There are LOTS of American Robins in this park!

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