Monday, December 20, 2010

Dave's Fav's of far...

This is, by far, my all time favorite photo of a Black-and-White Warbler.
Taken at Magee Marsh of course!

Looking through my folder of best shots, I suddenly realized that I haven't been keeping up on editing and filing photos for a while. I go through my latest shots, look for blog worthy shots and move on. I think I will have a lot of work this winter...

In the meantime...these are a few of my favorites from this far.

This was the sexiest White-breasted Nuthatch I had ever seen. Look at those haunting eyes!

I am not what I would consider a "Gull-ible" person...but I really like this shot of a Herring Gull.

Once again, Magee Marsh holds my favorite birds and the greatest place to capture them!
This Red-eyed Vireo came closer out of curiosity of the clicking camera and the flash.

Who doesn't like Ruby-crowned Kinglets?
Especially when they're singing a happy little song for you!

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of the folks that read(and waste their valuable time on) my silly blog.

REALLY big thanks to Kelly, Susan, Chris and Bob, my constant commentators that keep this blog alive when I think I'm ready to give it up.

REALLY-REALLY big thanks to Kimm and Kenn Kaufman for all that they do at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory and the help and kindness they've shown me( and all my other buddies at BSBO too!).

AND...If I want to keep on living...REALLY-REALLY-REALLY big thanks and huggies to the Doodles for putting up with me and my camera, but mostly me! Poor, poor Doodles...Love you!