Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Lifers!

Somewhere in the middle of those tangles along the boardwalk at Magee Marsh, resides a preening Cerulean Warbler.
Birdy #325...not that I'm counting...

I didn't actually have 2010 life birds for the year...but it got your attention didn't it? Not as good as 2009(a long weekend near West Palm Beach, Florida helped), but considering we stayed close to home and the BirdMobile we had a very good year. Plus I'm starting to catch up to the Doodles! LOOK OUT BABY!

If you doubt that the Magee Marsh area is a good place to bird in the spring time, all seven of these birds were seen there! Now that I'm looking over the list, we had seven new birds in that area in 2009 also. That must be the magic number.

I wonder what 2011 will have in store for us?

Gotta love getting a new warbly thing!
This Worm-eating Warbler, shown not eating a worm in this photo, was #38 on my warbly list!

This may be my favorite "Crappy Photo of the Week" shot.
Not only is it crappy, but it's a White-eyed Vireo and a lifer baby!

We saw this Black Tern strafing a Great Blue Heron at Metzger Marsh...
right next to Ottawa NWR...which is right next to Magee Marsh!

This was a two for one shot!
Red-necked Phalarope AND Wilson's Phalarope at Winous Point, down the road from Magee.
Now that's a good day of birding!

Oh boy, a lifer booty shot!
A female Summer Tanager!
You don't know how hard it is for a color blind guy to find one of these things in a green tree...

So, these feathery friends bring my total for the U.S. to 331. Not a gigantic number of species, but for a part time, color blind, booty shooting bird nerd, not bad...


  1. Dave, you're a riot! Gotta love the O.C.!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Well I hope 2011 will bring you more lifers and more sighting too... We all kind of expect that ;-)

  3. I love the Summer Tanager and a Worm-eating Warbler, I think that two of them are my favourites.

  4. Beautiful worm eating warbler. I still need to see one of those, but I have heard one!

  5. Hi Mikey! Don't say "riot"...we had issues with that in the 60's! Shhhh...they may be listening!

    Thanks Chris! I hope I have more exciting(or silly) things to post in this New Year!

    Thank you Mr. B! I hope we can see more of them this year.

    Cindi, you need to be at Magee Marsh for the Biggest Week ! One pops up every year...they're just a little sneaky!