Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Doodles and her new friend, Doodlette on the Hawk watch tower at Magee Marsh.

Cockeyed? Yep, that's the Doodles! She received Doodlette from our birdin' buddy Judy as her new mascot(Shhh, don't tell Bobb!) We both hoped it would bring good luck in spotting American Woodcocks, otherwise known as "Timberdoodles."

We decided to check out Magee Marsh to see if Doodlette would help us out. So, we were driving through the parking lot near the boardwalk and I said to the Doodles, " Doodles, (I say that a lot) I sure would like to see a Woodcock!" Then the Doodles said(with a little chuckle in her voice) "There's one right there! No, there! About ten feet in the woods near the tree!" Now if you've ever been to Magee Marsh you would realize that there are quite a few trees there. That's also one of the main reasons they call areas full of trees "The Woods." Anyway, being a good significant other, I smile and listen, scanning the ground about twenty feet in(I know she said ten! Her distance and mine are different.) Then I back up WRBLRZ a couple of feet, and lo and behold! An American Woodcock buried in the leaves!

How she spotted that little football of a bird in there I'll never know. I do know that Doodlette will be with us every where we go from now on...I wonder if she can find that mysterious Yellow-headed Blackbird for us? Hmmmm.....

Why looky there! It's a Timberdoodle!

Look out Bobb, Doodlette is taking over!
I shot from the security of WRBLRZ, you never know when those Woodcocks will attack!

Almost actually size when driving by at 15 miles per hour...
(Twist your head really fast from left to right to re-enact the actual experience.)