Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is on the wa...nevermind...

This Red-winged Blackbird arrived on February 19th.
That's the earliest date in our garden for him!

Hi. You can call me "Mr. Negative." I find it really difficult to post anything when the world is going to hell in a hand-basket (to put it nicely.) My Fatbirder rating went from about 215 to 312, oops...I better keep up with the posting!'s some of the birds that have been as confused as me about whether spring is nigh in our gardens. Looking through these pics, I would see snow, then no snow, then snow...then LOTS of snow...the past few weeks have been a little wise.

I am in desperate need for WARBLYS!!! Stay tuned...

Can you tell I just finished clearing the driveway...for the second time?!
This was during Fridays "little snow event"...

Guess who didn't make it to work?

Believe it or not, this was taken after midnight in the dark.
It's amazing how many species we get here with a freeway, train tracks and a storage facility in our backyard!

"How's a Blue Jay supposed to eat with all you House Sparrows flitting about?!"

The ever present Dark-eyed Juncos, always playing in the snow...

You've heard of "Groundhog's Day"?
We have "Chipmunk's Day" here...spring is on the way!
Oh no...that means Bobb will be back!

The Doodles spotted this Eastern Towhee tonight!
It's been awhile since we've seen him.

The House Finches wait ever so patiently for the feeders to clear out so they can have a turn.

The Red-bellied Woodpecker was cleaning up the suet...
and pecking the brains out of the Starlings!

Yep, I feed the stoopid squirrels too.
As you can tell I tripped in the snow...and over the feeder and broke the warning sign...

The White-throated Sparrows love those evergreens!
A great little get-away to eat seed in private.

This is a new White-throated Sparrow in the garden.
He was much whiter than the normal gang.
By the way, this shot was taken on the day the snow melted, before the big storm came...again...

Speaking of butts...
Rambling Rant...part one...
So, trying to be the good citizen and wanting my voice heard...I send a letter to Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. This letter was very clear on my feelings of support of the EPA and what it does for us and my extreme dislike for mountain top coal mining. Apparently, Senator Portman, being a good Republican and listening closely to his corporate sponsors, got a little confused about what exactly I said.

The following is copied directly from the response he, or someone working for him, sent to me:

"I share your concern that the federal government, including the EPA, has been headed in the wrong direction on energy policy. I was concerned with the recent retroactive veto of an existing permit for the West Virginia mine mentioned in your letter. This kind of regulatory overstep has characterized the current EPA and is part of what prompted me to recently introduce the Jobs Creation Act of 2011(S. 12) which would, among other things, institute a one-year regulatory freeze for the EPA, with an exception for cases impacting health or safety.

So, Rob, what you're saying is, pollution and destruction of our one and ONLY planet is good, as long as there are a few temporary jobs, big profits for "clean coal" and a little cash in your campaign fund...great.
Thanks...a lot.