Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring on the Boardwalk!

I told you it was 'spring on the boardwalk!'
You never really listen, do you?

After a week of freezing temps...and somewhere in there, three inches of snow, Sunday was sunny and in the EIGHTIES! Yes indeedy, spring hath sprung! Me and the Doodles high tailed it out to the BirdMobile(the heck with yard work!) for a beautiful walk on the Magee Boardwalk. I really needed an attitude adjustment, you may have noticed by my last few posts. It's amazing what a walk at Magee will do for you!

And whaddya know? The FIRST Warbly Thing of Spring too! So, it's now officially spring in LoopyLand. Robins are nice. Red-winged Blackbirds are a good sign as well. BUTT...nothin' says spring like a Warbly Thing! I am a happy boy now.

Oh yeah...appropriately enough, the first was a Yellow-rumped Warbly!
This guy was proud of his yellowyness and was showing it off.

Number two Warbly of the spring was a Black-throated Green Warbly(trust me, his throat really is black!)
I think he may be a little ahead of his buddies...

And of course, our constant winter friends, the Downy's are still all around.

Arghhh...I was speaking with Kenny K when we spotted this Brown Creeper...creeping.
I STILL can't get a decent shot of this day...'s and Eastern Phoebe.

Haha. Gadwalls have puffy heads.
That American Coot is laughing.

"Dude! Surf's up!"
This Killdeer must have relatives in California...

Red-winged Blackbird on a mossy log.
Hmmm...that's not funny.

Who's the cutest little Golden-crowned Kinglet?

Hermit Thrushes don't find me amusing.

Two male Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers.
Please note the cowering individual at the bottom.
We now know who runs the neighborhood...

Did you know...
Eastern Comma butterflies hibernate in logs through the winter?
They come out on the first warm days...another fun fact!

The big guy is a Blanding's Turtle, his little buddy is a Midland Painted Turtle.
Just out catching some rays on the local log...

One of the many quotes along the boardwalk...and the one that means the most to me.

*By the way, I still haven't gotten a hold of that #@@*# chipmunk to get my "Hawks At A Distance" book back. When I get him I'll tell you all about the book and that little thieving chipper too!


  1. Hi Dave, Looks like summer is reaching you! Beautiful set my friend. I love the yellow-rumped a lot and the tree creeper shot is very nice too! Spring is maybe reaching us too, I saw my first golden plover this morning and as it is the harbinger of the spring over here, we might have it finally.

  2. Seriously? You got all those pics on Sunday? We saw a comma, a robin, mudhens, etc., but nary a warbler or hawk, just buzzArds (that's the French pronunciation, you know). And I sure didn't see any spring, tho it was so hot and humid that I remember why I'll be packing soon. We went from winter to summer overnight.

    Glad you're all cheery-up-cheerily again.

  3. They are headed your way! I only wish we were... Warren is starting a new job in two weeks, so a few days away is not a possiblity for a couple of months. Enjoy and give Doodles hugs from me.

  4. This really is great news! :) We're smiling over here.

  5. Great story about spring and well told with your photos. Enjoyed the post.

  6. Thanks Chris! I hope you're going to get out and get some shots of the Plover for us!

    Marianne...did you happen to see a tall skinny guy with a camera while you were there? That was me! We walked right past each other...go figure.

    Lisa, congrats to Warren! You really need to find a way to visit!

    Happy Gumbys are always a good thing!

    Thanks Red! I hope you get some good spring visitors too!

  7. Lovely photos, many laughs, love the spring. Thanks,Dave. Your blog posts never fail to perk me up, make me laugh - and give me a little change of attitude as well.