Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Bounty of Booties...otherwise known as May 22nd...

Let's start with an American Redstart...
...or a Yellowstart as we're actually starting off with a female Redstart.
How's that for starting off on the odd foot?

And now, the continuing saga of THE BIGGEST WEEK IN AMERICAN BIRDING!(say that with a deep voice and an echo)...

So there we were on the boardwalk with all of our birdin' buddies...and buddies that aren't birders...and buddies that aren't actually our buddies, butt what the heck, if you're on the boardwalk you can be a buddy too!...I think I just lost track of what I was going to say...nutz...well...just look at the pictures and have a nice time...

*If you're bored already, skip to the end for a special new feature presentation! Though I can't imagine how you could possibly be bored, my writing is so, so, imaginative...yeah, that's it, imaginative...or not.

That same Redstart giving me the same look you are right now.
I can see you, you know that don't you?

Annie O posted a similar shot of a Chestnut-sided Warbly in my name on that Faceplacespacebook thing...
This Bay-breasted booty is for you!

This is what the other side of that warbly looks like,
just in case you were wondering...

My typical view of a Blackburnian WarblyThing.
Terrible, eh?

This would have been such a nice photo of a Canada Warbly, then he had to go and swing his head...Canadians...sheesh..
Hey look! He's got bling courtesy of Julie and Mark!

I think I'm gonna start a new blog...
"Birds Upside Down"
...featuring this Chestnut-sided Warbly.

I give up.
It's a Flycatcher.
So there.

Go catch some, you...uh...Flycatcher thing you!

I gave up on Magnolia Warblys for this year.

Why do they call it an "Olive-sided Flycatcher"?
I shall call it a "White-rumped Flycatcher."

Silly ornotholologisters...

The Doodles lifer Philadelphia Vireo!

A Prothonotary Warbly trying check out its own butt.
Odd little birds...

"Hey! Look at me! I'm a woodpecker"
(Warbly humor doesn't always translate well...)

My favorite Trumpeter Swan, "3A0."
She's going to be seven years old this year!

A little blank-faced Warbling Vireo booty.
Even their butts are nondescript.
So sad.

Butt when a Warbling Vireo warbles, it's a delightful thing!

Right about now, I would imagine you have the same blank stare as this Yellow WarblyThing.


The further adventures of:

today's episode..."Barry White you're not"...

Checking out the new lady in the pond...

"Hey about you and me heading over to my private log?"

"I'll take that as a NO..."

Stay tuned for more fun and wackiness!!


  1. Thanks Dave, I needed a booty fix! :-)

  2. Such a pleasure to begin the day with a smile. Thanks!

  3. That's the funnies thing I've heard, beautiful photos Dave.