Monday, September 5, 2011

Sorry...I'm back...

O-boy! More fuzzy pics of burdz buttz!
This one is an Eastern Wood-Pewee...

So...where was I before I was so rudely interrupted by that thing known as "real life?" Oh yeah...I was at Magee Marsh. Well I still have hundreds of photos from May that I haven't looked of these days...

This weekend was the first time birding since way back then for us...and the first time I picked up my camera. You'll have to excuse the quality on this batch. It's amazing how I have forgotten how to work the camera, not to mention figure out what the heck I'm looking at out there! Practice, practice, practice...

Now that I'm back in the blogosphere, I will try to stay a-political(ha.)...or at least make an attempt at retrieving my sense of humor.

You can't tell by this Black-and-White Warbler's chubbiness that he's preparing for his trip south.
I asked, but he said I can't go with him.
The Doodles said no as well...

Looking at the patterns, wing bars and that tail, I think this is a Blackburnian Warbler in it's fall wardrobe.

I wonder if this would be considered a "Bird from Behind?"
You usually see Downy Woodpeckers and their family members from the back and since this is from the "wrong" must be from behind.
Makes sense to me...anyone seen my meds...

Youngster Gray Catbird poppin out to say hello in a meowy kind of way.
We have them in our gardens again and one came into our garage to help me while I was working yesterday.
He meowed, I said "Hey, what's up?", he meowed again then left.
They don't like to help.

Okay bug buddies...Autumn Meadowhawk?

The Monarchs were everywhere! Heading south like the warbly things!

Someone tell this Summer Azure that summer is about over...

Great Egrets have a hard time getting kick started from a tree limb.

Don't be embarrassed...they'll understand.

Oh look...a fuzzy photo.
I think that would be a Red-eyed Vireo peeking out.

A Yellow Warbly with a little snack.
Crunchy AND juicy!

This one's for Kimmay at Black Swamp!
Thanks for everything!

If any of you folks out there in cyber space are ever in the area of Magee Marsh and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, PLEASE stop in and say hello. Oh...and get a membership too!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!
You never know what may appear here...

*By the way...I'm no longer on Facebook...just in case you thought I "unfriended" you!