Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birdin' with my Buddies...

Don't Nashville Warblies have the cutest little booty?

While The Doodles was away...I went out to play! I spent the morning(and afternoon!) with our friends of the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society at West Creek Park, one of the newer additions to the Cleveland Metropark system. This just happens to be part of the Lake Erie Birding Trail , but because The Doodles wasn't there, it doesn't count towards "The Longest Twitch." I guess I'll be forced to go back!

It was a great day to be out with friends, sunny and very warm and there were those little warbly things bouncing around from tree to tree! Visit the WCAS site for a list of the birds and additional photos. I wish we had video of the creek one fell in but it was fun to watch folks trying to keep their feet dry!

Accidental photo of autumn leaves.
There was a dragonfly hovering here...until I clicked the shutter...

There's that Nashville Warbly again!

Blackpoll Booty...

This Black-throated Green Warbly LOVED to be at the tip top of the trees!

Brown Creeper. Still creeping me out.

Canadians...they never leave when their supposed to.
Watch your step...

If Common Yellowthroats are so common, why don't we see them more often?

Well, at least his throat really is yellow.

Mallards. They like to show you their butts. Rude ducks.

Look closely on the right side of this hornets nest and you'll see that someone is still home!

One of our members(hi Nancy!) works for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
If you look closely at this shale in the creek, you'll see swirl trails left by some long gone critter.

She's so handy at pointing out fun facts of pre-history!

One of my favorite non-warbly birds!
Song Sparrows love to play hide and seek!

This Yellow-rumped Warbly tried to make as difficult as possible to get a shot.
I finally gave up...

It'th a Thistle.
Tho there.

These are wildflowers.
Wildflowers can be dangerous.
They are untrained and they bite.
Be careful.

WOW...look at that.
It's almost in focus!
By the way, that's a Black-throated Blue Warbly...

*Special note of ultra importance!! We have a new bird on our yard list...a Hermit Thrush has been here for the past two days! Well...I'm excited...

Another exciting post comes to an end...AND no politics...yet.


  1. All of them are wonderful, especially the Creeper, it's superb.

  2. NO POLITICS? well you best get crackin on that. I am happy you got out birding despite the fact that the doodles was not with you. You did get some awesome Butt shots~I do love the Creeper photo..and the uncooperative yellow rump. Always fun to visit you here..even when you dont git in a dither talking about politics. :)

  3. My fav is the Brown Creeper it has to be our Treecreeper we see in the UK and a wonderful bird.

  4. We added Hermit Thrush to our yard list too this Spring! It was exciting!