Wednesday, October 12, 2011

...pointless ranting...

I made the mistake of watching the news. To me things seem rather simple.
So listen up people.

Does anybody understand the fact that fighting is POINTLESS? Is everyone in the world so stupid to believe that their way is the right and only way? People are fighting over borders, over money and the one that really pisses me off...religion!

I don't profess to be part of any "organized"(sounds like the Mafia to me) religions, or be an expert on any of them. I hear them say abortion is evil, but they promote revenge and war. I hear them talk about their God and how he is going to save them...and no one else, because he apparently is a bigot and a racist and only if you believe in him, you'll be fine. Anyone else is doomed to something really, really bad.

We ALL have to live on this small planet together whether any of you like it or not. We all have gardens with fences. We all live in countries with borders. Nothing will ever stop that I'm afraid, but do you really think you are so much better than the person in another country that is just trying to feed his family? Israel and Palestine...get over it, GROW UP! We were taught when we were toddlers to SHARE. Did you forget?

Money. You have it, I don't. Fine. But, why am I paying a much higher percentage than those that can afford more. I know, I hear it all of the time..."The rich are the job creators!" Well, they've had those tax breaks and kick backs for years and I don't see any jobs. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Next...

Since when is the right to health care for all humans wrong? My insurance costs are crazy, and I still can't afford to go to the doctor or dentist. But, public health care is wrong in the United States. We would hate to cut into anyone's obscene profits...

When I was young, we lived in the inner city. I was robbed at gun point and beat up a few times. My great excitement of the year would be to escape and get to the country and enjoy hiking in the woods. Now our state wants to take the only place a lot of kids that live these urban jungles away. "We need OIL! Lots of oil! And coal too!" And we can find that in the parks across our country. The government owns it and they can "loan" it to big business to be developed. That would mean more jobs! Maybe 1000. Wow. That will put a big dent in the unemployment problem.

I'm done for now. Be careful, I will be back.

Please feel free to share any of this with anyone in charge that you may know. Wouldn't that be funny is someone actually listened out there? Nah, it'll never happen, we're civilized...

Sorry. This National Park is closed to the public.

Feed the children? What's in it for me?

"Please...don't let me disappear."


  1. Whew. You need to take a nice long walk in the woods, birdies or not. 'Course you're right. We all need to learn to play nicely in the same sandbox. PS I don't watch the news unless I'm in it. And that don't happen so much, so I'm safe from it. PPS I think there was a full moon or something. Lots of crankiness going around. Not that I think you're cranky, I um, what I meant was.. um, well some of us be cranky sometimes....

  2. Would you please run for President? You would have my vote. Thanks for posting on WBW. your photos!

  3. Hey Dave, I couldn't agree with you more.

    Unfortunately, the majority of wars fought since humans have roamed the earth have been for religious reasons. The problem is that organized religions all believe that their beliefs are the only truth. Pretty sad and short sighted in my opinion.

    As far as money and taxes go, you know what they say about the golden rule? The ones with the gold make the rules. That way they get to keep it! You can see the net worth of the top 50 congressmen here.

    Nuff said.

    Health care? Don't get me started. The government can't pass a law requiring all citizens to have health insurance but they can make us all buy car insurance. Give me a break.

    As for the energy crisis, have you ever seen the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

    Do I know what the answer is? No, but I sure have some ideas about what the answer is not!

    I'm glad I'm a birder and can relax in nature, watch the birds, and forget about all the crap going on in politics.

    It's funny, when I was a kid, my Dad always told me that if a politician wasn't corrupt when he was running for office, he certainly would be once he got elected. I didn't believe him then, but I certainly do now.

  4. Amen!!!and great to have you back on the blog. Your high flying prose is sorely missed Sir!

  5. Right on!! Moral of the story: Don't watch the news. I don't! It's too upsetting.

  6. Hi Dave,
    Oh I guess you are in one of these periods of thought I often go through (well every day). As an Evolutionary scientist, I very often listen to people about the way they live and their believes.... And I share the same point of views than yours. I still see hope in their eyes and thought, but the truth is there: Listen people, soon or late ( I think sooner than later), whatever you do, the human kind will disappear... Why??? A species to survive, whatever is the level you consider, develops an altruistic behavior (not during breeding time thought). Have you seen any in the current human life? How many people can see somebody falling on the ground without giving a hand??? How many people are stopping to give some food to people in the street? How many rich people help poor people? How many children are dying everyday without help? I, also, think that we are going straight into the wall with this money and banking system which is good for rich but not for others! Let's fuck the system, don't put your money in the banking system anymore ;-)
    I love this post Dave, and some of us have to do that time to time and I might do one about Iceland on my blog!!

  7. Great post.

    So many things get screwed up when people bring God into the picture. What would the world be like if ppl quit thinking that God wanted this or that for them so they must fight for it? We *still* have Old Testament tendencies, even with all the wonders science places before us.

    I have to turn the new off a lot now. I'm becoming too cynical. I just turn it off and take my kids into the woods.


  8. Thanks Cindi(are you Gumby or Pokey?) An eye for an eye and a butt for a butt...sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    Thanks Chris, we definitely have the same feelings about the future of the human race...and banks. My boss just put money in a retirement account and told me to buy stock...ah, no thank you.

    Karen, sometimes we have to watch. That top 1% is hoping that we stop paying attention so they can further bury us all.

    Indeed Bob. Thanks!

    Thanks Springman, I missed you all during my time off the blogoshpere!

    Larry...isn't it odd how war is a good way to spend billions, but health is bad?

    Jean, first I need a million dollars to start a campaign, then I need more dirt in my past...

    Marianne...I'm not cranky, I'm differently mooded.