Saturday, October 29, 2011

Young at Heart...

Kim Kaufman of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory surrounded by our future.

Some people say I'm more immature than "young at heart," but what do they know. Well, actually, they may be right. As long as I'm having fun they'll have to deal with it!

Speaking of young(clever intro, eh?)...the Ohio Young Birders Club annual conference is next Saturday, November 5th in Columbus, Ohio. AND you don't have to be young! These kids are amazing. They run the show and what a great learning experience it will be for all that attend. We've attended in the past and are really looking forward to this meeting. Great speakers and activities await!

Our young birders REALLY need our support right now. There's so much focus in the news about removing environmental protections of endangered habitat. These birders are our hope and our future, we can't let them down.

Maybe you can help start a young birders club in your area!