Saturday, February 11, 2012


Meanwhile...back at the Longest Twitch...

Continuing on from last weekend at Miller Road Park, and looking out onto the lake we saw hundreds of Red-breasted Mergansers and a few of those gray and white birds and one black and white bird. Oh, and one odd bird all by itself.

When I first spotted it, I thought "Myself(that's what I call me), that looks like a bird in the water, and NOT a gull. 
Myself thinks it's a Grebe."

"But wait Myself! Lookit them wings..."

"And that longish pointy like beak..."

"Myself, that there bird might be a Red-throated Loon!"

"Or is Myself the loon here?"

"Myself, maybe it's an odd looking Horned Grebe...yep, that's it."

 "But wait, after looking at Myself's many guides of the field, 
photographic and otherwise, maybe it is a Red-throated Loon."

Well, after hours and days of arguing with "Myself," I have surrendered. It is both a Grebe AND a Loon. The world's first hybrid and documented here for the very first time. I shall await a call from the National Geographic...or possibly the local asylum.

What do you think...about the bird that is?


  1. I can't help you with the ID Dave.. apart from a best guess... it's your wonderful Loon.
    Another lovely series of images...

  2. I can't help you, I'm affraid, but I think that is waterfowl. Great picture of it.

  3. Thanks Andrew!

    Bob, I'll make the jokes here...wise guys...

  4. Looked in the Stokes Western Region book and it looks more like a Clark's grebe to me although I couldn't quite tell about where the black stops by the eye. Based on where the white on the next extends back to. If that is what it is, it must be lost or visiting relatives as the book indicates nothing east of the Dakotas. Would really like to know if you find out.

  5. Sorry. It was the Stokes book for the Eastern region. My bad.

  6. Don't you just hate that feeling of not knowing? Hope someone can figiure it out for you. Do you have a Crossley?

  7. Thanks Joan, The Stokes is the only guide I don't have. I think the neck is too short and thick to be the Clark's of these days.

    Hi Karen, I've got Crossley's, Kaufman's, Audubon, Sibley, Nat Geo(2), Peterson and a few others...I'm going to the book store today to look for more!

  8. I cannot help you neither but it does not look like a red-throated loon to me :-)
    I guess you still have to investigate a bit ;-)

  9. Red-throated Loon...awesome find, Dave! Important field characteristics are an upturned bill, dark cap cutting off above the eye...the grebes are shorter-bodied and much longer-necked.

    Awesome find and excellent mid-winter bird!

    - Gabe Leidy
    Sheffield Lake

  10. Thanks Gabe! I was hoping it was the Loon. When it rolled on it's side I thought it was too long bodied.