Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New American Terrorists

I keep hearing these stories about the free world fighting the religious zealots in the middle east to protect everyone's right to free speech and freedom of religion. Yet I heard part of a speech by the infamous ever popular Sarah Palin, which I'll paraphrase, "We'll keep our God, our guns and our Constitution!" 

Now correct me if I'm wrong (it wouldn't be the first time) but isn't she restating what the Ayatollah has said? Other than the constitution, which she obviously hasn't read , she is professing the same ideas. Pushing a single religion and it's beliefs on our country is wrong. And subtly telling people that they should arm themselves and rise up to take over? Sounds like she's the new American Terrorist. I wonder what would happen if one of us made statements like hers?

Then we have Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. Really? Our big corporations DON"T need regulating? Have these gentlemen ever read any history books? Let's take a look to the past guys. Do they believe that BP that the American peoples best interests in mind? Corporate America is paying off these senators and representatives to get less regulation and more tax breaks. The oil business' are getting close to $4 billion dollars in tax breaks and making record profits(and record pollution.) Meanwhile our gas prices are going up for some unknown reason. Yeah, let's give "Boss Tweed" less regulations and more power.

They all want to drill more, frack more and level more mountains. They are the real terrorists we need to deal with.

There's a lot of name calling and finger pointing going on and it's only going to get worse as the year wears on...ooooh...and don't get me started on that Newt fella...