Saturday, March 24, 2012

catching up...

 The January/February issue of BirdWatcher's Digest.

I've finally finished redecorating the basement/office/media center! Now I can go birding again...if I can lift my camera after all of that work. I think I'll take a couple of weekends off to see all of the early migrants. Cross your fingers!

In other old news that I haven't mentioned...The January/February issue of BWD published one of my photos! I think it was the threat of me visiting their offices that did it. They were behind in sending out notices and I didn't find out until I was browsing the issue on Christmas day. I saw the article on Louisiana and thought "My, doesn't that Warbly thing look familiar? I have a shot just like that, but he's facing the other direction." Duh. Then I looked in the margin to see who's shot it was...why looky there, it's me!

                 Hey! That's my name in print!

This is the original shot taken on the boardwalk at Magee Marsh.

Speaking of Prothonotary Warbly things, a great artist named Barbara Rudolph emailed me. She does wonderful paintings of birds in unusual places and wanted a Prothonotary looking down and from behind. Somehow she found out that I live for birdy butts and had just the shot she needed.

The final painting is titled "Sing  Me A Song." Check out her website here!