Thursday, May 23, 2013

And We're Not Even In Baltimore!

 We Call him "The Singer."
Over the past two years we starting getting a pair of Baltimore Orioles visiting our little garden of delights. After the first sighting, The Doodles went immediately  to Wild Birds Unlimited and bought a feeder. It only took an hour or so before it was discovered...and emptied!

This year we have at least 4 males and three females visiting daily. The one we call "The Singer" goes non stop everyday in one of our many trees. He's young, but impressive. It's amazing how all of their songs differ from area to area, and bird to bird. We have one nest under construction in on of our large trees and a pair are working in a tree two doors down from us as well.

We had been wondering about the lack of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds in our gardens this year. I posted a question on the Ohio List Serve regarding this. It's seems to be a common mystery throughout north eastern Ohio this year. Maybe they traded places with the amazing number of orioles here...

 He's a little shy...

 "Nest Building From Behind!"
A new blog?
The craftsmanship of their nests is amazing...especially when you think about making it with your mouth!
 We have three feeders up and they still fight over them!
Just out of view is another male waiting his turn.

They don't even mind going to the "ugly" feeder!
The Doodles said I got carried away with the orange paint.
I told that's what you get for letting the color blind guy do it!

 This has got to be the fattest hummingbird ever!

 Oops...sorry about the fat thing...

Not a hummingbird after all...
She's still mad at me though...

Stay Tuned (as usual!)
I still haven't finished showing you more of those warbly things from Magee Marsh!
I think I may have taken too many such thing as too many warbly shots!


  1. I just read a blog from Minnesota and they have a huge number of orioles. Other places are reporting lots of hummers.

  2. Good shots of the Baltimore Dave. Why you even painted your feeder the same colour for their arrival.

  3. Still very few hummers here in northern Ohio, butt plenty of Orioles!
    I'm sad to report that the female building a nest was killed a few days ago. We found her slumped over the nest...with no idea why.