Saturday, June 1, 2013

Just another day in the garden...

 " RRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm King Kong Bobb!"
All we need are a few dragonflies to buzz around his head...

You never know what you'll find when you sit and watch life in your garden. We're up to 90 species with a flyover of an Osprey last weekend. Being so close to a major migration route and Lake Erie certainly seems to help. Not to mention the pond, bird baths, numerous feeders, nesting sites and happy plants everywhere! We've also had opossums, raccoons, lots of chipmunks, squirrels, white-tailed deer eating our sunflowers and one crazy mink determined to chase down a chipmunk. He didn't win.

I have yet to see any gnomes...

 Blue Jays do not like their portrait taken...
He was getting ready to play in our pond.

He decided to use one of the bird baths instead.
 Splish splash! 
And yes, it was Saturday night...
 Beautiful bathing Blue Jay booty.

 This is one of Harry the Gray Catbirds progeny.
They're not as friendly as Harry was.
One of these days...

 We have one resident pair.
They always feed and bathe together.
One will stand guard while the other takes care of business.
 While on this Asian inspired lantern, one must bow properly.
Northern Cardinals are so well mannered...
 Why looky here!
An American Goldfinch, a Pine Siskin and a House Finch all together.
This will make it easier to recognize that Siskin when he visits.
 By the way. Siskins are very rude little birds.
He is always sticking his tongue out at me!
 A very happy Red-bellied Woodpecker chowing down on nuts.
"Oh...yum...oh yeah...hmmmm...nuts!"
 When Bobb the Chipmunk dives for cover, I know it's time for the neighborhood Red-tailed Hawk to fly over!
They had one successful fledgling this spring!
 This pair of Tufted Titmouseseses always visit the feeders together.
Like the Chickadees, they let you get fairly close to them.
They know who fills the feeders!
 Aww...this was the last White-crowned Sparrow of the season.
He was kind enough to whistle goodbye before he left.

The Doodles favorite garden visitor.
These Mourning Doves are always around.

Speaking of The Doodles...Friday was her last day of her career as a secretary to a group of patent attorneys. She is now a Retired Doodles with more time to watch the birdies in the gardens!
Yea Doodles!