Monday, October 7, 2013

Winter's here!

 Ha! Scared ya, didn't I?!
Actually, we had our first visits from the Winter Wrens this weekend. Friday I saw the first and on Sunday morning a second appeared. At first I just thought "My...he sure does get around quickly!" Then I realized, stoopid Loopy, there's two! Gettin' old...

 Showing off that perky little behind!

 They don't like to sit still long enough.
That is why I only have a few shots of the first wren...
I gave up on the second...

 Speaking of winter birds...we also have White-crowned Sparrows.
*don't rub your eyes...I shot through the screen again...

 AND...the White-throated Sparrows are here too!
I love their little whistley song.

 And the Green Frogs were successful again this year.
The Mink got one of the adults,but we have at least three young ones 
and still a couple of tadpoles in the pond.

Okay, enjoy the rest of autumn...before the REAL winter gets here!


  1. I haven't seen white crowns for three or four years. I used to have a yard full for a couple if weeks both spring and fall. Great shot of a very attractive bird.

    1. Very odd how species are moving out of old haunts...