Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just a few birds...

 I wish this Prothonotary Warbly was in my garden eating some of those bad nasty invasive lady beetles!

So...(haven't said that in a while!)...birding has been a little slow...though the garden has been busy as a bee...with bees and bugs. I thought I would take a break from posting the insects...AND trying to figure out what they all are! I found a file from May at Magee that I hadn't gone, here's a couple of warblies and what nots to hold you over until the fall migration really hits!

 Why are some Gray Catbirds so angry?
'Cause they don't live in our garden where The Doodles feeds them jelly everyday!
Spoiled rotten...

 "I can see all the way through to China!"
Baby American Robins are bottomless pits in case you didn't know.
 "Oooo...this water is feet!"
Silly Great Egrets...not so great in cold, dirty water!

"Birds From The Bottom!"
They don't trust me and my bloggity anymore, they never turn around.
(That's a Yellow Warbly by the way. You can tell because it's yellow.)