Monday, November 10, 2014

Hide and Go Seek...

 The Song Sparrow didn't see him either...

So...we heard about a Cattle Egret, somewhat of a rarity up north where we live, not too far from our humble abode of the burds. We don't often chase birds, bad for gas, bad for the environment...and we usually get there too late anyway. This time we thought, what the heck...not much to see around the home turf and it's a great excuse to blow off yard work again!

We were told he was being seen in the grass right along the parking area and "DON'T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!" because you may scare him away. Fine. We drove to the parking area. We sat in the car. We got bored. No Egret of the Cattle. Nuthin. Humph.

"Let's at least go for a walk" said The Doodles. The Dave agreed and so off we went for a little traipse through the moisty marsh. Maybe we'll see him along the trail...

 Nope, that ain't him.
That's a Dark-eyed Junco too far away because no one has sent Loopy a Canon 500mm lens yet.
(It's almost Christmas, though I have been bad this year.)

Redhead...Ruddy Duck...American Egrets of any sort there...

 There's something moving back in the marshy stuff.
A couple of Green-winged Teal playing hide and seek...

Just another old Coot...

 Nice, a Common Loon but NOPE!

Nutz...let's just go back to the car and go home for lunch. I'm cold, I'm bored and I'm cranky.
What was that Doodles? You see something in the grass in FRONT of our car? WHAT?! Go figure...

 We got bored and left the car...don't ever do that!

 We crept quietly back to the car and, as you can see, the stoopid Cattle Egret is out in front of the Burdbuttzwagen. 
Well, we did have a nice walk...

 He's laughing at me...I can tell...stoopid burd.

 Lot's of yummy crickets in there!

 They must tickle his beak...
 Or maybe they taste better upside down...

 Grasshoppers are like peanut butter...
They stick to the roof of your mouth.

 Marching off to battle the bugs with his mighty bill of doom.

 So...until we meet again...Toodles!


  1. So the moral of the story is if you go looking for one special bird you'll see a lot of other birds. You almost missed that guy!

    1. I'm always satisfied with whatever I get to see, especially if it gets in front of my camera and sits still.

  2. A bird near the car is worth two in the bush? .... hahahah....I love coming here ... you guys are funny.....

    I got a bird butt today... almost froze my fingers off in the process. I was trying for a nice one of a chickadee..but, it is -15C with a gusty 40kph wind and it took quite a lot of shots ..before I got a couple I like. I must try it with thin gloves next time.... maybe I'll still be able to feel the shutter button. I got some just like yours... butts in the frame... wings leaving the frame... nothing in the frame..ahhahahha I started to laugh ... and, then..I outguessed them a few times and got some good ones!!! Said a quick thank you and ran into the house..... brrrrr......

    1. Spread the love of the burd buttz!
      Even when it's freezing...

  3. Lesson learned?? Isn't that always the way! At least he was still there when you got back to the car. There has been a cattle egret spotted up here in Nova Scotia, too! Go figure!

  4. Oh my gosh your post was so funny. Isn't that always how it works out. Glad you had a good walk and shared all the other neat birds before returning to find the very bird you were looking for right in front of you.

  5. That's happened to me many times. It's infuriating, but at least you manages to catch up with it, and you got some great pictures too.

  6. Nice post - and the moral of this is to remember the good birds are always where you are not! So you nee to keep moving!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

    PS: sorry for slow reply, I've been away from home because of work!

    1. can't be as far "behind" as me!