Monday, February 2, 2015

WHAT!! No Warblies?!

 American Tree Sparrows were plentiful on this frigid January morn.

 Happy belated New Year! I haven't been out birding too much this year. I've taken numerous walks in the forests of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but without a camera....hard to believe! Sometimes it's just nice to escape to the woods and relax and breathe.

So...I did get out to bird and I headed out to Magee Marsh and the boardwalk! To my surprise, there wasn't a single warbly thing to be seen! Oh, I's the heart of that thing we call "winter in the Midwest." Snow, cold, a little more snow, a little colder, more snow, sun for about three minutes...then more snow and cold. Be patient! Just a few short months more...honest!

I also stopped by to visit my friends at the Black Swamp Bird Observatory. Yes indeed, they are there all winter! Stop by if you're out there. They have new books and gifts in stock...and a nice selection of photos by me! All the money from my photos goes directly to them!

It was a very quiet day, only a few other folks out and about at Magee, though none on the boardwalk. The birds had the same idea. They were all hiding from me other than the American Tree Sparrows, which were foraging like mad all along the trail edges. What did I say a minute ago? Oh yeah, will be spring soon. Right. We'll see!
I had the odd feeling I was being followed...

 I thought about laying on the beach to get some sun...but couldn't find the beach!

 The Bald Eagles were soaring around the area, but no one was home at the nest.

 Did I mention that I saw quite a few American Tree Sparrows...

 I'm pretty sure Lake Erie is under there somewhere.
Not a good day for a swim...I don't like the "hard" water we have...

 I got dizzy just watching this Downy Woodpecker searching for lunch!

 I'm telling ya...somebody is following me!

 These are the cozy homes of the muskrats at Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge.
Yep, I walked over there legs were tired...

 This guy stopped me in my tracks when I was driving out.
I'm not positive, but it sure looks more like a Rough-legged Hawk than a Red-tailed!
Any opinions?

 The gulls don't seem to care how cold that water more reason that I don't care for them!
The Trumpeter Swans on the other hand, I love!

 And yet again, another Tree Sparrow!
My first butt shot for 2015...

In your dreams...just three more months...three more months...keep saying it...


  1. Your weather sounds like Canada ...except for the sun. Where I live we get plenty of sunny days even when it's -30C.... (my sister in the next province gets none all winter) ... and, I don't go too far either...but, the chickadees, flickers, nuthatches, Downy woodpeckers and of course, hordes of house sparrows are always there for entertainment..oh, yeh... and a magpie or three.... which I have to keep shooing off the suet feeder now that they have figure out how to hang off it..even with longer tails that can't rest on the tail rest.....

    1. We've been lucky with a few sunny days...but mostly snow! At least we have the birds to keep us company.

  2. oh, and .... here's to lots of beautiful butts in 2015 !!

  3. The hawk does not look reddish brown enough to me for a red-tailed, but I am hardly an expert on this!

  4. I have never seen that many muskrat houses in one wetland. And yes. three more months and we should see lots of summer visitors.

    1. There's even more houses than what i showed it the photo.'s out there somewhere!

  5. My what a snowy outing you had. It looked very cold and wintery. We haven't had much of a winter but I'm still ready for sunshine.

    1. The cold wasn't too bad. I've been out in much colder...not my idea of fun. I need warblies!

  6. Pretty and sweet babes, on the snow, flying with snow, and now is the time to make babies.

    1. Hi Bob! I think it's still too cold for making babies out there...except for the Eagles and the Owls...brave souls!