Monday, May 18, 2015

A Doodle for The Doodles!

 Who's that bobbing and weaving in the weeds?

Another lovely day at Magee Marsh! Spring is springing, flowers is flowering, birders is birding and the bees are beeing! Are we having too much fun?

The weather has been a little odd for the Biggest Week...rainy, drizzly and generally moist. Wait a second...I forgot it's spring along the Lake Erie could have been snowing! Everyone dressed for the weather and had a good time no matter what was falling from above...except for that rude gull that dropped a bomb from overhead...onward!

 Why looky there! It's the other doodles, a timberdoodle!
(Or an American Woodcock if you must be serious.)

 My 300mm was the perfect length to get a few photos of this crazy bird.

 If you've never spied a woodcock bob-bob-bobing its butt up and down while hunting worms,
It's hysterical.

 "Okay...worm? and weave...bob and weave...sneak up and the worm..."

 "I got me a worm, yep I did."

 "Hmmm...I think a big worm is watching me..."

 "Uhhh yup...I like the worms!"

 "Gotta go...gotta get more worms...bobbin' and weavin'...bobbin' and weavin'..."

 Did I mention the warblies?
They have warbly things at Magee too...