Friday, May 1, 2015

First Warbly of the Year!

 Not very close, but I could see him!
This Palm Warbly was the first(of many I hope!) of the year.

 It was a bit on the chilly side, but at least the snow has left us! We headed out to Columbia Reservation in the Lorain County Metroparks. It's on the Lake Erie Birding Trail and we've been here a couple of times, but this is the first spring day we birded this area. We definitely have to come back over the next few weeks!

Lots of great habitat with woodlands and wetlands to make all of the birdies happy campers!

 Why lookie there! It's The Doodles by the BirdMobile aka "The SnotRocket"(my co-workers LOVE that color!)
 One of these days an American Goldfinch is going to be out in the open...
 Still no Canon 500mm lens...
If you look to the center right, you'll see a Belted Kingfisher diving for breakfast.
 A little Blue Jay butt...and he's building a nest!
 There were quite a few Canada Geese honking up a storm and waking up the neighbors!
 This Great Blue Heron was heading for the "Heron Trail."
 Once you're on that trail you'll understand how it got that name...
 Though it could have been called the "Red-winged Blackbird Trail" too...
 I would say there were hundreds of Red-winged Blackbirds in that wetland!

 I can still hear them calling...

 We had a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets in our gardens recently, butt I wasn't fast enough to get any shots.
I certainly got a nice "behind" today!

 Apparently someone wasn't too happy about that shot!
Cranky little birds...

 They all kept a close eye on me after that.
 Of course there's a;ways a few Song Sparrows singing their hearts out.
 He's a little shy and waited for me to move along before his voice started up again.
 We could also hear Chipping Sparrows singing off in the tree tops.
When we came back to the car, this fella was singing right over us!
Yes! The first Warbly Butt of the season!

Stayed tuned for more warblies!


  1. We expect to see those birds any day now.

  2. Lots of great ones for the little singing at the top of his lungs! cute....

  3. Will we see you at the Biggest ?Week?

    1. If you look closely! We'll be there running back and forth...and back...and forth...and...