Wednesday, April 26, 2017


 I know there's somebody in there!

 So...last Saturday I went to a new area for me in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the Station Road Trailhead. I've heard many folks speak of this area and post great sightings, but I've never stopped by to check it out. Of course the weather was  another one of my favorite dark and dank days...SO...I went back again Tuesday very late in the afternoon. The weather was MUCH better! Mostly sunny with a nice mix of big puffy clouds.

I planned on a quick stomach was calling, but I ended up meeting quite a few people and learning about the good areas to bird AND about two nesting owls close by. The first was an Eastern Screech Owl, no luck on that one...the second was a Great-horned Owlet in a very visible nest. As I was walking down the trail with another great local birder, Neil, a number of folks passed us to ask if we'd seen the owl. They're very popular and well known along this trail.

Luckily another photographer was leaning up against a tree and he pointed out the nest for me. He'd been there for a while with no sign of the owlet. I told my stomach to shut up and be patient...worse than a kid sometimes...It's funny how if you stand still and hold a large camera, people will stop and look at you, then look up, then ask..."So, watcha got?" I got nuthin but an empty far.

Good things come to those who wait...and I waited, along with a couple of other folks. Then lo and behold, up popped and owlet butt! Does life get any better than bird booty on a bad day? No siree!
Oh yeah. Me was a happy boy!

Among the folks that stopped to see the owlet was a jogger with his baby in a "speed stroller." He even made the squealing brake sound when he stopped to see what I was looking at...I remember doing that too a long time ago. He thought seeing that was the coolest thing. I think his baby may have been a little too young to get excited about it. The dad even used his cell phone to take a pic of the image on my camera to send to his wife. The high point of his jog I'm sure....and mine!

 And there it is! The finest booty of the day!

 When you just wake up from a nap you got to twist those sleepies out!
My neck hurt from watching that...

I think he spotted me...shhhh! I don't want mom or dad to get me!

Oh out little mousies, this mean and majestic creature is gonna eat your day.

Huh, forgot to look...

I have LOTS more photos...including ones like this Yellow-rumped Warbly!

I am soooo far behind on going through photos, I'll have to post more often now that spring is here...

AND THEN!!!! It's big warbly time at Magee Marsh!

Hot diggity!

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