Saturday, May 6, 2017

Nemesis Birds...or...Getting a Little Creepy...


So...all birders have that one "nemesis" bird. You know the one. Your friends kindly notify you with favorite saying "You should have been here 5 minutes ago! It WAS right here!" So many times my camera almost accidentally dented the back of someones head for saying that...and a couple of times that did happen...oops. I should also mention that my nemesis list is close to 9,900 by one I'll get 'em!...maybe...

 Let's start near the beginning...I received an email this afternoon from the wonderful Aimee of the Friends of Ottawa, of which I am a proud member! She wanted to let me know that a Summer Tanager was being seen close to the Ottawa visitors center. Myself I said, this would be a good one. I hope there's someone around because in the dim woods a red bird against the green leaves means my brain will be seriously itching...because I'm color blind! Long story not quite as long...couldn't find it. It was probably in front of my face...butt...

So...meanwhile back on the trail, a nice man said there were some brown creepers close by, "been there for quite some time."  Ah, there's that quote again...I'll look anyway, they're probably gone by now. I have never been able to get a good shot of a Brown Creeper, even with the help of non color challenged and tolerant adults. Today was different...WAY different!

Not only did I locate one creeper, but I saw TWO! Talk about gettin' creeped out! AND...AND...they were gathering nest material...AND...I saw where they were building the nest! It's rare that Brown Creepers nest in our area, so this was an extra special treat for me!

 There's a nest under that loose bark.

 That is one beautiful booty!
I've never seen one so close, those patterns are amazing and even I can see that gorgeous color on its lower back.

 More material for home building!
Imagine building your house using only your mouth. Good luck.

 "I think we need a nice table lamp..."

 I was sooooo excited to see two!

 Something tells me the one with its eyes closed is the male.
"Honey, are we done yet? I need a nap..."

What a beauty! And what a great day at Ottawa!

Yes kiddies...I was also at Magee on the boardwalk...and yes there were a couple of warblies out!
But, you'll have to wait, cause I'm beat and I'm gonna take a nap now...
See ya soon!

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