Monday, May 14, 2018

Things Were Hoppin' at Magee!...part one...of many...

 A view of the boardwalk across the marsh...

I am getting further and further behind in my posts! These photos are from May 5th...a day that didn't rain! The winds were so high the day before they had to close the boardwalk for a bit, so I wandered elsewhere, then came back to a great weather day.

In addition to all of the great migrant birds coming for a visit, I have all of my great friends that migrate to Magee every year to see our favorite warblies! It's a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones along the way. There were more new birders this year than I remember from the past. They make it more fun and remind me that birds that are common to some are unusual to others. Always have patience with the newbies and we all have more fun!

 At last! The proper shot of an American Woodcock!
(The nice folks from Aviantica asked me to take this photo...though I would have done it anyway!)

 ...for you folks that prefer birds from the other way...close enough...

 Dad turned his back on that begging can only stand so much...

 Oh dear...what a rude little child.
( Or is it a rude little Loopy for posting it?)

 Here's a Black-throated Blue Warbly to clean your brain of the last shot...

 And a Black-throated Green too!

 Bull Frogs shooting the bull.

 Chestnut-sided Warblies have never appreciated my humor...

 They call them Common Nighthawks, buts how often do you actually see one?

 Common Yellowthroats love to hide in the thickets.
I managed to find him hiding and singing in there!

 Gray Catbirds are still one of my favorites.
I heard someone say to a new birder "Don't bother looking at them, they're common."
The new birder told me it was a life bird for her.
Be careful what you say out there!

 You don't often see a Green Heron walking through the woods...

 House Wrens are another common bird with an uncommonly beautiful song...and loud too!

 We can't go too long without a butt shot!
That's a Killdeer by the way.

 This Magnolia Warbly had his eye on a nearby bug and was preparing to pounce.

 This Midland Painted Turtle has lived a hard life.

For now I'll leave you with this beautiful Nashville Warbly...Elvis has left the building...

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