Friday, December 26, 2008


Do you ever REALLY look at birds from the wrong end? I get a lot of harassment from our bird buddies because most of the shots I seem to get are from this angle. Actually, I'm getting better at shooting fronts and profiles, but(pun intended!), I will go out of my way to get a good butt shot. I even have our bird feeders backwards.

You can learn to ID birds better when you know them from more than one angle, plus I think it's fun to send them to friends! Maybe one day I'll have enough for a "Field Guide to Birds from Behind". Maybe co-authored with Kenn Kaufman(hint-hint).

Next time you're out birding and complaining that the birdies are facing the wrong way, don't be embarrassed, take a closer look, you might learn something!

By the way, what is that butt up there?...I know, butt I'm not tellin'.

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