Saturday, December 27, 2008

Springtime...for a day...

What a great day for a walk in the woods! The end of December and 65 degrees, we all thought it was spring, for a moment at least.

I went to Sandy Ridge Reservation in Lorain county for a little walk and some fresh air. Quite a few others had the same idea and I met a number of birders getting out and about. Everyone was having a good time and enjoying the sights and sounds and the smell of fresh air.

As you can see, I saw a Great Horned Owl, always a neat surprise. It was pointed out to me, after a lot of direction by, what a coincidence, relatives of my neighbor. Small world! After I took a few photos, of the back side of the Owl of course, a more mature (a nice way of saying 'older than me') birder came up to see what I had found. He had been coming to the park for a long time and has heard about the Owl but, had never been able to locate it. After more pointing and describing of limbs and trees and forks and branches and, not the Nuthatch, to the left and up a little higher, no not that high, you're getting closer, no to the left, up, up, there!! At long last he has a Great Horned Owl to add to his list.

Everyone I bumped into had a story of birding, whether it was just the darned Sparrows at their feeders or of Cooper's Hawks, also at their feeders, cutting back on the Sparrow population or trips to exotic places for exotic birds, all great stories. That's one of the best things about birders, they are all friendly and will all have a good story and a smile to share.

Oh, I also saw a few birds today...

Yes, there is a bird in there! I'll give you a hint, it's from behind(of course!)...

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