Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 'BIRD' Count...

Yep, one bird at the feeders for the count...well, actually there were about 57 individuals of 12 species all together, I'll explain the 'one' bird next...

We have eight feeders up right now and have had 61 species visit our little suburban yard. We have put in a lot of work and time(re:money!) to transform this 'yard' into a bird haven and garden. We even have a regular Red-Headed Woodpecker that visits our peanut feeder. Yes, these birds are spoiled here.

Speaking of regulars at the feeders...the photo of the reason for the low count on Sunday is below. I like to call him Bob. He visits at least once a week and I think he has relatives that visit also. Last summer we had a youngster crash through our feeders and squirrel domes and over the little pond into the bushes. Needless to say, he missed all the birds. Like me, they work a lot for very little.

Anyway, this Sunday Bob and friends came by three times for breakfast and lunch, though I didn't see them catch anything, they did create quite a stir and chased away everyone else. I blame Bob for our low count.

Bob the Cooper's Hawk

Now if I would have counted Saturday...I would have had a more respectable list, but then I wouldn't have taken this photo through our window or written this post now, would I?

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