Sunday, December 21, 2008

Gifts received

Green Heron

With Christmas just around the corner, I was thinking of past presents. One of the best was my first bird trip that Laurie took me on to visit her Aunt Ginnie and Uncle Bruce at Sanibel Island.

What an amazing place to go (especially in January) for your first birding experience. The birds were so easy to see and approach. I took quite a few pics that trip! It was also the first time I used a digital camera. It takes away the questions of "Should I shoot this one or wait?" that came with the cost of film.

The photo above was a Green Heron that was in front of the condo we stayed in. Uncle Bruce was searching for a Green Heron (his favorite bird) while we were there. Laurie and I went out one morning for a little walk, and lo and behold, there he was right in front of us. When I showed the photo to Uncle Bruce, he was surprised.

Anyway, thank you Laurie! for giving me this gift of birding. You certainly started something, didn't you?

Little Blue Heron, Sanibel Island, Fl

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