Saturday, December 20, 2008

O boy! My first blog!

It's a cold day and I'm at the computer editing photos. I'll be using this blog to post my latest pics of my favorite birds, even if they are facing the wrong way. You know what they say, "They're ALWAYS on the other side of the tree". In my case they're usually on the right side, just facing the wrong way...

Here's a couple of photos from last weekend on Lake Erie at East 72nd. A nice and relatively warm day to look at gulls. This was the first time I got a clear shot of a Franklin's Gull (top photo) and a Glaucous Gull (bottom photo). Give me some time to learn how to edit the blog and there will be more photos and info.



  1. Hi!
    As this is your first post and I've been blogging for a while, I guess, I can say "Welcome to Blogspot!" :)
    It's so enjoyable to see some great photos of birds from a very distant part of the world.
    Best regards and good luck!

  2. Hi Nickolay!
    That's for the comment, distant part is certainly true!