Thursday, March 5, 2009


Who are you calling a Creagle?!
So, you are probably saying to yourself, "Myself, what is a Creagle?"


This is a rehab bird from the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center.

And that, indeed would be a good question and I shall be kind enough to answer and not leave you hanging and wondering for days on end, worrying, fretting and otherwise be saddled with undue stress that should be avoided at all costs especially in this time of worldly turmoil and confusion which I find to be quite bothersome and a bad habit that our politicians all seem to have with their rambling nonsensical speechifying and spinning of tales and non-truths to the point where you can't even remember what the question was that you asked in the first place. Got that?

Email me if you think I have a chance in politics.

I may possibly be the only person that thinks these are attractive birds. This is the only 'Ivory-bill' I've seen. This is a rehab bird from the Medina Raptor Center, thank you for not throwing up on me.

I shot this youngsta' through the sunroof of my car on the way to work. Gotta love sunroofs!

So, this time of year, we have these large black birds with red heads that start appearing in the sky. I saw one Monday and four today on my way home from work floating on the thermals over the highway.

In March, on the 15th to be precise, the Cleveland Metroparks hosts a festival called Buzzard Day to celebrate the return of...wait for it...Turkey Vultures, or buzzards as they are commonly called around here. It's a sign that spring has sprung, the snows will soon be subsiding and the warblers are not far behind.

BUT, any large black bird (with a red head) spotted before March 15th and the OFFICIAL announcement of the arrival of the Turkey Vultures in Hinckley, Ohio will be known as a "Creagle", part Crow, part Eagle. Honest. Would I kid you?

Very graceful to watch soaring overhead waiting to be called for "Clean up on aisle three!"

So, until March 15th, enjoy these Creagle photos.


  1. I LOVE TUVU's too!!


  2. ...I saw four today soaring in those big circles. I love does Rick! We went to Clifty Falls (Indiana) one year and watched about 40 of them soaring around. It was very cool. Love those photos!

  3. A very funny post!!! And I love your vulture too, they are very impressive birds... I do remember that from our encounter in Chile...

  4. LOL :D
    A very funny post and very nice images of birds I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing, Mr Lewis!