Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ruby, Ruby...

This male was found on a rainy day at the Carlisle Nature Center in Lorain County.

Maybe I'm the only one that remembers the old Doo-Wop song, 'Ruby Baby'...I really need to update the music here...But, it made me think of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that visit our gardens here in Ohio and throughout the eastern U.S.

I realized I posted photos of all the exotic hummers and failed to post one of the most common, at least here. After this, I'll have to work on a new theme for a little while. I received a few comments from Chris in Iceland about the hummers, I hope you'll enjoy these also!

Here's a female. What an amazing little speed demon!

This was outside a friend's balcony. Unfortunately, a heavy storm blew the nest down.

This is at the Navarre banding station in northwestern Ohio. This really gives you an idea of how small they are, not to mention REALLY feisty!


  1. Oooh...tiny and amazing (...I know the "Ruby" song)!

  2. ouah... Amazing. I knew they were small but not that small. Your pictures are really amazing, they are so quick...

  3. Such a great series about the Hummers, Dave!

    I wouldn't dare to touch them though. It's amazing that people can handle them without causing any harm.