Thursday, May 14, 2009

And now the Rest of the story...

"Hey! I'm tryin' to sleep here! Morons with cameras and flashes!" This Eastern Screech Owl had more paparazzi than Paris Hilton.

There was so much to see at Magee Marsh on Friday in addition to the gorgeous warblers that seemed to decorate every tree and shrub. We saw quite a few Thrush, Gray-cheeked, Swainson's and Veery, Baltimore Orioles, American Robins, Tree Swallows, and House Wrens busy everywhere including the old Downy homestead. So I thought I would you show a few of the birds we spotted and some without spots...Sorry, I'm still sleepy...
You never know what you may find at Magee! This Black-crowned Night-Heron was spotted in the the day...not the can tell by the light.

Another angry bird. Blue-headed Vireos could use an attitude adjustment, or maybe a cookie.

Love them little buggies, buggies what I eat. Bite their little heads off and nibble on their feet. I heard this Eastern Phoebe reciting that.

How'd this Garter Snake get in here?

I love it when we can find hidden sparrows. This Lincoln's Sparrow thought "If I don't move, he won't see me."

I'm sure you remember the Sora from a few posts ago. They're still "busy" shall we say? A Muskrat ruined their first nest and they have since moved and rebuilt. Seems like there's a lot of home wreckers out there!

The Tree Swallows have been very busy also. With the marsh comes LOTS and LOTS of insects to eat!

I was wondering how to mention Black Swamp Bird Observatory again! Well, we stopped there and saw this pair of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at their feeders behind the shop. Hi Kimmay and Kenn! There, I did it, ha.

I didn't want this Northern Leopard Frog to get jealous of the snake...

Now don't worry, I'll post more warbling things very soon! You just have to learn to enjoy the common birdies too!


  1. ...the cookie comment followed by the Phoebe's little bug chant was like a one-two punch and made me laugh.

  2. Good! I'd hate to see anyone with the same look as the Vireo!

  3. Hi Dave,
    Gorgeous day, simply gorgeous. bet you enjoyed it too! :-) Love the night-heron shot and the vireo, they are marvelous! How could you take this snake picture? I would not have been able to do that!!!
    Have a nice week-end.