Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friday on my mind...

This is THE closest my lens will focus! Little Magnolia here wanted to see if I was a Canon or a Nikon shooter.

Here's a few of my fav-o-rite warbly things that I photographically captured this past Friday when Miss Doodles and I walked the boardwalk at Magee Marsh.

An American Redstart, from behind, yes! Are you ready for Loopy Dave's Field Guide to the Bird Butts of North America?

I am finally getting close enough to be able to shoot a Common Yellowthroat. How do they know they're common? It may be the same one you hear all day long. I think they should be called "Raccoon Warbler."

I like Maggies! They may seem to be plentiful, but Magnolia Warblers are such gorgeous birds to view none the less!

This Mourning Warbler was a difficult bird to get. There were only a few spotted and I showed up at just the right time. Once again being the skinny guy in the crowd paid off!

Some consider the Nashville Warbler "plain." Do you really think a warbler can be plain? Nah.

Let's's on the north side of the boardwalk, it's in the water and it looks like a thrush. Hmmm, it must be a Northern Waterthrush. Gosh, I'm good...

Another "common" warbler, the Yellow-rumped Warbler. Except ya' can't see it's rump, can ya?! How often do you get a chance to see the yellow stripe on the crown? A Yellow-crowned-Yellow-rumped-Black-masked-Yellow-sided Warbler. So there.

I'd type something clever here, but it's past midnight and I am the sleeeeepy boy... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. ...I couldn't wait to see which warblers you were going to post today...and wow! All beautiful. Of course, the first one made me laugh. Nashville's are among my favorite. When I see them in the field, something about that little face melts me heart. The redstart is gorgeous, and I totally see the raccoon...

  2. beautiful birds, very close and crisp.

  3. Hi Dave,
    Wow wow and wow again, you have so many nice warblers around. That's fantastic and you got some very nice shots of them. I love the watertrush :-) Not only human enjoy bathing!!