Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dave is a little BEHIND...

Did I really say that?

[The Doodles is our special guest blogger tonight, 'cause, just 'cause. MeDave]
Magical Magee Marsh in May, where the action is!

If you look VERY closely, way in the back where the boardwalk is, behind the trees, you can see the warbly things Dave always talks about. We saw 25 species of warblers over the IMBD weekend and a total of 89 species. Wow!

Hard core Ohio birder fun! When I said 'Say Cheese' this is what happened! Wise guys.

Birder's From Behind...

One of the many highlights of the "International Migratory Bird Day" weekend was sitting around the campfire in the rain and chatting with fellow bird 'butties' and the guides from Tropical Birding , who are manning the Magee Marsh boardwalk in May. As you can see, we had 'buns' of fun!

Only in Ohio do birders sit out in the Spring rain to enjoy a campfire and talk warblers. We take advantage of every moment this time of year, no matter what the weather since the warbling warblers are only here in May.

When Dave gets caught up from being BEHIND editing his photos, he'll post more pretty pictures.

Don't tell Laurie that I cut in and posted a Wilson's Warbler. Shhhhhh!!!

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