Thursday, May 21, 2009

The OTHER side of the field guide...

A Palm Warbler in a different light.
If you hold your field guide up against a REAL bright light and look through the back of the pages, this is what you would see. At least it works in my guides. I haven't dedicated a whole post to behinds in awhile and I missed it! I'm still not caught up with editing, I'm on May 10th with quite a way to go.
Check Out Bill of the Birds latest blog on Warbler photography. After reading his blog, I realized I sold my last lens for the wrong reason... Hopefully, Bill and all you other frustrated photographers will appreciate the butt shots!

A Yellow-rumped Warbler rump shot, appropriate, eh?

Vireos give me trouble and this Warbling Vireo was no exception!

Do you know what it's like to be color blind and have birders yelling "IT'S RIGHT THERE! WHAT ARE YOU, BLIND?" I say, "Why, yes, I am." Until this Scarlet Tanager moved, it blended right into the foliage in my eyes.

Believe it or not, this is about the best shot of a Prothonotary Warbler I have ever taken. It's just one of those birds...

This Great Crested Flycatcher was the first that ever posed for me! Should I start a 'life photo' list?

I have lots of little flycatcher butts like this Eastern Phoebe.

This Black-throated Green Warbler from behind is one of my new favorites. Nice dappled sunlight, it says "Spring" to me!

You can't have too many Black-throated Green shots! You can identify warblers by the markings under their tails. There is a plate in the Peterson's guide to Warblers by Jonn Dunn for that.

Not my best Black-throated Blue Booty, butt I like it. BT3, aka Bill Thompson, was presented with a BTB butt framed print, a much nicer one than this, at the Ohio Ornithological Society conference. I was a proud boy!

You can tell it's a Bay-breasted Warbler by its cool hat. Sporty, eh?

This Baltimore Oriole is not quite from behind, butt close!

When I finish another days photos, I'll post more birds. I have some great shots from the Ohio Ornithological Society Conference, and of course more from Magee Marsh and Black Swamp!


  1. Excellent Dave,
    I published one similar message few months ago and it looks like it happens to all of us that the birds do not show us the good side.
    Funny post and nice butt pictures ;-)

  2. when are you coming out with a "Birds from Behind" book? :-D

  3. Chris: What do you mean "the good side"? Those ARE the good sides!

    Kelly: As soon as you find a publisher for me, I'll work on the book!

  4. Very beautiful snaps of the birds in an unusual angle.

  5. These are very nice photographs.