Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NEWS FLASH! Robert Downy Evicted!

Poor Robert's been attacked. At least his ego was...

Yes, it's true!

We've been back to check the nest of the Downy Woodpecker I blogged about some time ago a few times now. We haven't seen hide nor feather of our busy little buddy. I thought maybe it was just the timing of our visits.

But wait! A bully bird! This bird with a badd attitude has evicted Robert from his humble abode. After all of the hard work, time and effort, it was all for naught. Poor Robert. I understand what it's like to be pushed around and bullied by someone as intimidating as this cretin. I hope Robert will be fine, wherever he may be...

Here's the home wrecker now. What an awesome beast!

Maybe "awesome beast" isn't the right term for this tiny House Wren. I was just trying to make Robert feel better about getting his butt kicked by this feisty little fellow.

Maybe it was the constant little naggy chirpity-chirp...

Now I shall watch THIS nest for action!


  1. Hi Dave,
    Well that is life isn't it? At least no potential human interaction there, and you got a cool story to tell. Very nice, hope this time you will be able to follow the nest and that this guy will keep it!

  2. Great story well photographed,very nice Blog.