Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maggie May

He's looking at the Fat Birder number...he doesn't like the term "Fat Bird." Very sensitive you know. "I'm just bulking up for my long trip north!"

As in Magnolia Warblers at Magee Marsh in May! What a month for warbly things. I have so many great shots, I don't know where to start...so I'll start here. These are my favorite Maggies from this season, though you never know, I may have to add a few more...

I've also noticed if I post anything other than warblers lately, my "Fat Birder 500" number drops. I guess it's spring and everyone just wants more warbly things. Okay by me!

You know there's gonna be a booty shot in here somewhere, so I MAY as well get it over with now.

Oh my, here's something different for you! Birds from Below! Watch your head...

Here's a shy one. It'll be okay, honest...

He's trying to read the patches on my vest, "Oh yeah, I've been there too!"

Peeking to see whether it's safe to come out yet.

Hi to my buddies at Black Swamp! Thanks for helping everyone at the boardwalk this past month. And congrats to Ethan Kistler, volunteer extraordinaire and recent high school grad, on his way to do research in Barrow, Alaska.

Stay tuned for more warbling warblers!


  1. Gosh...these are fantastic shots! Next spring...I'm so there...with or without Rick and Matty! (He really does seem to have his eye on that counter...)

  2. Right back atcha, Davee.
    We're lovin the blog! You have found your niche, and you work it beautifully.
    Keep rockin those rears, Dude!
    Huggies to you and the Doodles.
    ~ K-Squared, and the Black Swamp Crew