Monday, July 27, 2009

Ottawa Babes!...and more...

"Hey Man, You Got Bugs?!" This Eastern Kingbird will have to wait a little longer, all I had was a granola bar...

So, as you can see by the fuzzy photos, I can download once again. I went out and purchased a new card reader. This time an external from SanDisk, ImageMate SDDR189. It is CRAZY fast, much better than the internal reader and of course faster than plugging the camera directly. Maybe someone from SanDisk will read this and send me a few memory cards...hint,hint. The folks at Canon still haven't sent the 800m lens (I'm waiting!)

That lens would have been good for spotting shorebirds at Ottawa! I have a good number of "evidence" photos of the shorebirds we spotted, but with a 300mm and even with the 2X converter, those shy birdies are still little tiny fuzzy dots. Oh yeah, use a tripod with a teleconverter (Dave didn't , stoopid birder.)

We saw a bucket load of birdy babies out in the marshes on Saturday and Sunday. Though I've only looked at Saturday's pics so far. Not to mention the rarities out there!

And here we have Mr. & Mrs. Moorhen (Bob and Roberta) and two of the little ones.

If you can see behind Baby Huey, the Trumpeter Swan known as the bottomless pit to its parents, you'll notice a pair of Pied-billed Grebes playing "Don't Notice Me." Mom Grebe already took a dive to avoid the chance of being eaten by Huey.

And here's number one of the rarities and a life bird to boot (insert silly dance here), a Whimbrel! A rare migrant a little off course. And wouldn't you know it, he decides to fly away as soon as we spotted him...another Bird from Behind!

A little farther away, butt you can see his large decurved bill. Proof positive!

And this is the nice family of birders that pointed it out for us, Thanks!

They were from Pittsburgh, does that make them "Pittsbirders?"

Oh yeah! Rarity numero B, a Little Blue Heron. A couple seem to wander through every once in a while. This is the first one the Doodles and me have seen in Ohio!

That ain't no burd! Yes, I's a pretty Water Lily. There are thousands of them and it looks like a Monet painting when they bloom. I'll have to let the Doodles do a guest blog and she can show you her flower and landscape photos.

Help! We spotted this scruffy individual and he has me more confused than I normally am. Really. At first sight I thought it was a juvenile Yellow Warbler, but after looking at the photos, that ain't right. Possibly a Scarlet Tanager as they do molt this time of year before migrating to warmer climes.

Give me your opinions!

Here's another pose of this mystery bird... (Oops, no it's not! I put the same photo in and I can't get it out!!)

Until I get caught up...once again...I'll be saying nighty-night!


  1. Looks like you did spot a lot of birds there and a few birds from behind:)The Eastern Kingbird looks cool!

  2. Great photos Dave! I like your sense of humor. Speaking of always getting shots from behind, I notice you do that with the humans too. Ha! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!

  3. ...could it be an immature Yellow Warbler? That huge eye is gorgeous!