Monday, July 27, 2009

Somebody Loves Me!

Well, actually, somebody loves my blog. There couldn't be anyone other than the Doodles that would be able to put up with me!

My blog buddy Kelly, of "Red and the Peanut" fame, has bestowed upon me the "I Love This Blog Award." She thinks I'm funny. Don't tell her I'm not, okay? It's the burdz that tell me what to write, honest. And the Doodle's tell's me that I use too many apostrophe's'! They're just soooo much fun to u'se!

Now I have too pass this along, if Kelly didn't already have it, I'd give it to her blog. But I do have a few other good buddies I love to read everyday!

First, there's my Weedpicker buddy, Cheryl Harner. She appears very serious on her blog, but I know better!

Shantana of NatureStop in Oman has beautiful mosaics that brighten my Monday mornings, not to mention all of the other interesting photos from a place far from Ohio!

I've mentioned Matt Latham before, and I'll mention him again. What fantastic photography! A must visit blog.

There's a gang more, I'll have to mention after I wake's late....

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