Friday, September 25, 2009

License Plates of the MBS...

"EVL TWN!" Everybody has one...where's yours?

You can tell you're running low on blog material when you resort to anything that comes even a little close to birding!

You can click on the photos to enlarge them for easier reading, or you can just close out of the blog and wait for something better. Ha. This is what happens when one(that would mean ME!) is in a silly mood. Yep, I'm sitting here just cracking myself up...and deleting the captions so as not to offend anyone, living or dead, past or present, in this or any other dimension that you may inhabit or believe in.

I'm really looking forward to "Themeless Thunday" thith week...

"EYRIE" The Lake that was so scary they called it "ERIE!" Coming soon to a theatre near you!
That's a local joke, sorry...

"EIDERS" *joke deleted for your protection.

"SHOVLR" Hmmm, gravedigger, gardener or a simply duckie gal?

"BIRDING" Bird Girl, you need to wash your car...
I had to edit the writing in the back window, oops.

The WRBLRZ behind you!
Silly birders...who's car is that anyway?

You didn't think I would do a whole, entire, complete, exclusive, comprehensive and nearly perfect bloggy without one bird photo did you?
It would have been a total butt shot, but he peeked!
Name that Empidonax...


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  2. Hi David

    Your blog is always entertaining and this one is a favorite. My husband and I play the license plate game every year and we have never come across a birder plate.... something to look out for in future for bonus points!Wonderful images and the comments are bang on. As for your flycatcher, my guess is the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.