Saturday, October 24, 2009

All along the boardwalk...

There's that golden crown!
I like to think of the boardwalk at Magee Marsh as the "Magnificent Mile" of the bird world! In the spring time, the sheer number of Warbly things and the other migratory feathers are truly astounding to watch. The trees and shrubs that line the boardwalk are filled to over flowing with colorful feathers from near and far.
Last Sunday after our special visit with the always entertaining, Kimm Kaufman, we went for a walk along the Magee Marsh boardwalk to see what was afoot...or a-wing as it were...

The Doodles new favorite, Golden-crowned Kinglet.

"What are YOU lookin at?"
This feisty little fellow was gleaning the spiders from the benches and railings to make it safe for us to sit down. How kind...

Easily tired of his adoring fans, off he goes!

Here's a young American Robin showing us the proper take off technique he recently learned.
Very nice, Rob.

I was so hoping the Great Blue Heron was going to drop a "bomb" on these Canada Geese.
No luck...

There were a good number of Hermit Thrush out along the boardwalk today!
Did you ever notice that "Hermit" Thrush are never alone? Hmmm.
Little Ruby-crowned Kinglets were every where, even in the marsh.

This is one of the Trumpeter Swan families we have been watching this year.
There are two pair of banded Swans with young in this area.

This was the only shot of a Winter Wren I managed to get. They are so quick on the ground!

Maybe my last Warbler of the year.
This Yellow-rumped was moving down the walk along with us.

The Groundhogs are getting fat for the long winter.

Halloween is coming and the dead fish is still dead...Boogey-boogey!


  1. Hi Dave,
    I love the shots of the kinglet!! We have goldcrest here which resembles it a lot and I never managed to get one single shot of it... It moves so fast and is so small...
    I even got my first descent shot of wren today!!!
    Your dead fish is dead man!! Not gonna move ever again :-)

  2. Love the little kinglets too...the dead fish not so much! Great birdy blog today...thanks!

  3. Great shots Dave...I like the Winter Wren with the tail in the air best.

  4. Great photos as usual. Kinglets are one of my favs, too.

    Like the hermit thrush, we have a bird here called a Townsend's solitaire but I've seen groups of them together. It is probably a good thing these birds don't live up to their names or there would be no little solitaires or thrushes...