Monday, November 9, 2009

All in their places...with bright shiny faces!

Who is this, splish-splashing about?

The Doodles noticed the amount of bathing birdies I had scattered through out the computery thing. I figure before it gets water logged, I better post a few of our fresh feathered friends!

Looky there, it's a Red-breasted Nuthatch!

This would be a harder one to figure out, butt I'm sure you'll peek at the next photo before I could tell you!
Cheaters never prosper...

A very hygienic Hermit Thrush!

Even birds that wade need to wash off the sand!
I wonder if it will still be a Sanderling without the sand...hmmm...

We found a flock of American Robins rockin in the puddles after an autumn rain.

When the Robins were all cleaned up, the Cedar Waxwings came in.
Yes, even Cedar Waxwings like to 'cannonball' into the water.
"Look out below!"

This splashing caught my eye this past Sunday at Sandy Ridge Reservation.
It was a warm, sunny day perfect for a little frolic in the fen!
When he finally came up for air, I discovered a Song Sparrow!

When we first 'spotted' this guy, all we saw was that bright yellow dot on his feathery fannie!
A fall feathered Yellow-rumped Warbler, cleaned up and ready for a trip!

*Yes, you are correct! This is a "Chipmunk Free" post...I'm feeling brave today...


  1. Bellissime foto. E bellissimi uccellini.

  2. MariBio, Grazie!

    By the way, "Uccellini" means "Little Birds"...

  3. Hi Dave,
    Excellent bath series... Fortunately kids are not bathing the same way.. I cannot imagine the bathroom at home otherwise... Great post mate!

  4. Oh geez, now I've got that song stuck in my head!

    But because of the coolness of the photo series I will forgive you.