Sunday, November 8, 2009

Themeleth Thunday, thorta...

Northern Harrier's are easy to shoot from behind.

Actually, there is a theme to today's post as you shall soon see. You can blame this on Kenn Kaufman and his comments on my last post. Branching out...sheesh, silly man.

I decided to share with you the bounteous booties, the vast ventrals, the fantastic fannies, and my propensity to point at this proliferation of posteriors on the planet. So here ya go.

I do need to mention that there are boundaries to portraying posteriors.
Some places are better left unseen.
Though, not many boundaries.
This is the best photo of a White-tailed Deer I have, really.

Looking a little Squirrely there!

I think I disturbed his afternoon nap...

The name "Butterfly" just makes it so easy.

We were fortunate to visit Paris in 2002 on Laurie's whirlwind tour of ALL the sites and museums.
This is the view I had of her during most of the trip.
"Okay, hurry up, we have more to see!"
I was never so tired in my life...

It's not easy to sneak up on an Iguana!

...or a Darkling Beetle in the Anza-Borrego Desert!

How often do you get a shot of a Brown Bat from behind?

This shows my special talent of chasing anything and everything away from my camera.
This is a bee from Ecuador.
Edison, our guide, assured me they didn't sting.
His sense of humour was more evil than mine...
They can run, butt they can't hide!

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  1. They are great, especially the Iguana, Northern Harrier and the Butterfly.