Monday, November 23, 2009

Breakfast with the birds...

Uh, excuse me, Jay...could you wipe your beak please? Thanks...

It was a little on the drizzly damp side, Sunday morn. Being the lazy slacker that I am(ask the Doodles), I thought I would sit around, eat breakfast and watch the birds and do not much else. I cleaned the ponds and the lawn and the gardens on Saturday, and now I am taking a day of rest. Not to mention the fact that I really can't move today...

Then I got bored. I may as well try to get a few feeder birds through the windows, that will kill some time. Plus there aren't any good cartoons on in the morning any more...

A clean pond is a happy pond!
All the little birdies, like this House Sparrow, line up to drink from the frog.
Maybe it reminds them of mommy spitting food up into their precious little gullets...ugh, I don't feel so hungry anymore...
There are a pair of Tufted Titmouses(Mice?) that take turns coming to the feeder, so polite.
I shot three frames in a row, two are of an empty feeder! Boy are they quick...

I put feed out for all of the birds, including the Cooper's Hawk.
Think about it...get it now?

Who's the precious little Goldfinch?
They hate it when you call them 'precious', they told me so.

This poor House Finch couldn't catch a break.
Every time he attempted to get to the feeder, the House Sparrows or the Mourning Doves would move in and take over.
I fastened these limbs to the feeder poles so there would be a waiting area...patience little buddy.
"What the heck is this?! I ordered Safflower seed not Black Oil!"
Pushy Northern Cardinals...sheesh...
Part of the clean up crew.
The White-throated Sparrows work the ground detail...

This is Bob Jr., or possibly Bob the third...or fourth, I've lost track.
His bushy tail makes a great umbrella.
Bad Chipmunk!
They think they're slick, hiding under the pond.
I'll get you my pretty,ah-hahahahaa!

I still haven't figured out why my computer crashed...hmmmm....


  1. ...funny, funny! Love the expression on that cardinal...
    Nice printer you have there! ...and that evil little chipmunk hiding near the wires is hilarious. He did it, you just know it!

  2. When I saw your title, I thought you were going to write something about having a bowl of Corn Crakes ... or Hammonds eggs ... or something.

  3. Hi Dave,
    I thought your computer crashed because of chipmunk attacks! I guess you might have to get some help from them to clean a bit your cables ;-)
    I love the set of pictures very much, the chipmunk and the cardinal are gorgeous... All animals that I will never see over here ;-)

  4. Kenn,
    I can't believe you forgot Raisin Brant and Shredded Tweet!

  5. Personally, I'm cuckoo for coco puffbirds.

  6. Well, you got me laughing out loud with feed for the Coopers Hawk! If you watch birds at breakfast does that make you a cereal birder?