Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sandy Ridge

The ducks are starting to arrive for the season. This Green-winged Teal came pretty close, but wouldn't stay still!
Eating is more important than posing...

A few weeks ago, before the "Crash of 2009" (computer that is), I went out to Sandy Ridge Reservation with our friends from the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society. What a gorgeous day it turned out to be, 60 degrees and sunny, very unlike last Novembers cold and wet weather. We all had a good time and even managed to see a few birds in between the conversations!

The amount of ducks in the marsh was outstanding and this is one of the areas best locations to view them. Though most stay pretty far out in the ponds, too far for me to get postable pics. I shoot them anyway for evidence of what I saw. Some folks write down their bird lists, I photograph mine, and hopefully I get at least one fuzzy photo of everything I see.

This was my first weekend at home and not at the BirdMobile. I was supposed to be catching up on all of the yard work and gardening that I put off...since May...but there's always time for a little birding! The leaves in the yard weren't going anywhere...

This Red-tailed Hawk was one of two that circled way above us.
I think they were enjoying the sun and warmth also.

And then we spotted a Northern Harrier! This was an outstanding day for Raptors.

It's great to bird with a group and so many eyes.
There goes a Coooper's Hawk through the trees!

Barely visible, these two American Tree Sparrows were playing hide and seek with me!
What was I saying about getting a more powerful lens some day?...

This juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker was busy moving his cache from tree to tree.
I don't think he liked me taking his picture and giving away his hiding places...

There were even a few White-tailed Deer out and about.
One day I'll get a photo from the right end...or not...


  1. Hi Dave,
    Well I see that now your blog should also be named Mammals from behind ;-) Excellent post sir, I love the hawk and northern harrier shots very much. Common teal have become quite common here in the last two years!

  2. ...I'm glad you are back on the airwaves (does that saying work if you're using wireless?). I love your Green-winged Teal. Will I be able to get that close to one when I come to Cleveland?? The last time I saw a Northern Harrier was in Ann Arbor in September. They are beautiful.
    p.s. I want to catch those Trumpeters and Tundras in the previous post as well (with the band number, will you be able to find out where he was banded--good eye)!

  3. Hey Dave, Glad you're back!! I just love the Teal pictures. They are such a beautiful bird. I got to see 21 of them Saturday pretty close and was tickled about that.