Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And Now...the Final installment of "Life Butts This Year!"

This is my "Butt of the Year" photo.
The first chance we get to see a Whimbrel, and it flies away from me. The story of my life...sheesh...

Oh, lucky you! You won't have to look at any more of my crappy photos! At least until my next post...then who knows what evil images I shall assault you with...mwah-ha-ha!
Okay, so here's ONE nice one. Even the Loop gets lucky once in a while!
By the way, it's a Philadelphia Vireo...

I get so excited when I see a new bird! You can tell by the camera shake in all of these photos.
You may only have one chance to see and shoot (photographically speaking) these, so I tend to hurry.
I forgot's a Dickcissel, or as the Doodles calls it, a "Dicksickle"...silly girl.

August was a good month at Ottawa NWR!
The Whimbrel, Dickcissel and this White-faced Ibis where all there, waiting to be seen!

This little Warbly thing was the high point of the year as any new Warbly thing would be!
This Kirtland's Warbler appeared during the great Midwest Birding Symposium.
It cleared out the meetings and the vendor hall faster than a dirty diaper!
That's what we found this year. All in all a good year for us, twelve new birds found in our patch here in Ohio. And we can't forget the five on our Florida expedition. I'm sure something will pop up close to home this winter...stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Dave,
    Nice post and beautiful pictures. And don't worry we love your pictures ;-)