Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lost and Found...

I remember taking this photo at Sandy Ridge, butt I could never find it..until now!

This is the beginning of the "Lost and Found" photos. I guess the crashing hard drive has its good points. It has forced me to go through all of my files and photos. It brought back some good memories of birding with the Doodles and our buddies. And also the nightmare of trying to identify all of the shorebirds...argh! I may post the shorebird photos unlabeled, because they all look alike and I can't remember anything more than an hour or so ago...

This is the beginning of the "Lost and Found" phot....wait a second...I just typed that...I guess my hard drive has a few bugs too...

We saw this Black Phoebe on our San Diego, California trip two years ago.
I found a whole days worth of pics that I never titled, it's just like Christmas!

Blue Gray Gnatcatchers (pronounced 'GA-natcatcher!) are one of those little birds that hate to be photographed, at least in focus.
Too much sugar or something...

Oh yeah, another good butt shot! This Hooded Merganser was in the San Diego,CA area also.

That's my brother Phil on the left, choking in the smoke of the fire at the BirdMobile.
The Doodles actually built that fire all by herself! (with a little help from the Loop! Shhh!)

This is my first view of a Limpkin. The wrong end of course...
There where a few shots from Florida last January that I somehow overlooked.

I have two folders from Sandy Ridge that I missed somehow.
There are an amazing number of Red-headed Woodpeckers residing there.
We had a visit from Kelly the Peanut a couple of weeks ago and made a trip out there to show her these gorgeous birds.

You would be as cranky looking as this Song Sparrow if you were out in a snow storm.
I remember this walk because the snow was up to the Doodles knees and she couldn't go any farther down the trail! Poor, poor Doodles...

Huh, a Western Gull, in focus and from the front. How did this picture get in here?

This shot of two Wilson's Snipes was taken on an evening while we were searching for a Ruff.
We were at Sandy Ridge five nights in a row looking for that rare bird and never found him.
Butt, we did see more than half a dozen Snipes and Soras and one crazy looking Virginia Rail zooming through the marsh!

I still have a number of files to go through and hopefully I'll find a few fantastic fannies to show!


  1. the eagle...and the red-head...and the look on that sparrow's face. (I did a dawn-to-dusk Christmas bird count yesterday...all day in the snow/ice. I know why the sparrow looks like that now!)

  2. ...p.s. Do you and your brother always dress alike?