Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm STILL bored with snow!

I think this Magnolia Warbler has turned it's back on me...I'm sooo sad now...

Yep, still not liking it.

We had a weekend at the BirdMobile, actually we stayed at our neighbors, Judy and Hugh's place (aka HUDY). Seeing that we don't have heat or water, it wouldn't be a comfortable visit in our little hideaway. Plus they're great hosts and always have wonderful meals to share.

We had a great visit with a group of bird buddies, I showed my Ecuador presentation to warm everyone up! A group of folks are planning a February trip to the Mindo area of Ecuador and we thought that this would give them an idea of what they may see.

We also did a little birding in the snow and slush. The weatherman said the temps would be above freezing. I guess 32.7 technically IS above freezing, but my fingers couldn't tell! Bob the Chipmunk came along to do a little birding also. He's been a good boy, so what the heck, he's bored with the hibernation thing, let's get out for a road trip. When I download and edit a few pics I'll post them for your viewing pleasure.

In the it spring yet?

This is a hard one to figure out!
A female Common Yellowthroat...from behind of course!

My one and only shot of a Connecticut Warbler.
I'll bet he's having better weather than me!

Magnolia's are plentiful in May at Magee and every one is gorgeous!

I wonder if Nashville is having a cold and snowy time?

I'll bet this Northern Parula is having a nice time in Central America right now...I'm still waiting for his postcard...

Stayed tuned for some snowy, icy, frigid, uncomfortable birding posts...without many birds. After all, they are smarter than us!

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